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Is your car Spring ready?

After months of ice, snow, road salt, cold and sleet the winter months can bring, it’s time to get your car ready for the warmer months. Whilst Spring cleaning the house, why not Spring clean your car whilst you’re at it. Taking care of your vehicle will help the maintenance of your car whilst keeping the value high when you come to part-exchange or sell. So, let’s Spring into action with some of these tips to ensuring your car will look and perform the best it can during the warmer months: 

Wash your car 

It’s simple isn’t it, but you should have cleaned your car a few times during the winter months, but now it’s important to remove road salt, grit, and grime — all these items you find in the winter months whilst driving will damage your cars finish over a period of time. 

Ideally, you should get it washed and waxed taking additional time to make sure the lower section of the vehicle is especially clean. 

Change your wiper blades 

Winter will wear down wiper blades. But they still have to work when spring rains arrive. You can order a new set with Pro Sports Cars Works; they’ll even fit them for you and take care of the old ones.

Check your wiper fluid level

Everybody uses more wiper fluid in winter than in spring and summer. You can buy this in your local supermarket but when your car is booked in at Pro Sports Cars, we will make sure your levels are full, for your piece of mind. 

Check your oil

Due to the operational demands of winter on engines, the arrival of spring is a good excuse to check this essential lubricant. 

If you’re running low, head over to Pro Sports Cars Works for an oil and filter service. Prices vary from makes and models, please feel free to give us a call for your free, no obligation quote. 

Check your tyre pressure 

Winter is also brutal on tyres. Now is the perfect time to make sure that all four tyres and the spare are properly inflated. 

It’s also the time to evaluate the condition of your tyres and, if you’ve been using snow tyres, swap them for your usual set of rubber.

Look for cracks, degraded tread, and anything that might lead to a blowout on the road.


We all think our batteries are more likely to die with the cold weather, but it’s actually the heat of summer! If your car is over 3 years old, we would recommend a battery test.

It’s getting hot in here

Almost everyone expects their aircon to work when you switch it on, so what do you do if it’s blowing warm air? Or doesn’t feel as cool as it used to during the summer months? More than likely this could be resolved with a re gas. This can be fixed at Pro Sports Cars Works. 

Check your service history

Cars need to be serviced at regular intervals, so now is a good time to find your owner’s manual or go online to see what you’re due for, given the mileage on your vehicle’s odometer.

Our Auto Centre, Pro Sports Cars Works can help you with your car to ensure it’s safe on the road. 

Pro Sports Cars Works are open 7am – 4pm weekdays, West Carr Lane, Sutton Fields Industrial Estate, Hull, HU7 0BS

If you would like to arrange an appointment for your vehicle, please don’t hesitate to call on 01482 831183 or email and they’ll be happy to help.  

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